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Myths about being an actor.

It goes like this…

There was a time in history where it seemed «cool» to be the rebellious, chaotic, crazy, demanding type of actor. Like…the crazier the actor, the more artistic she or he was. The more disorganised he or she was about responsibilities in life, the greater the chance that she or he was a «true» artist.

The reality is THIS IS NOT TRUE.

In fact, I recommend not falling into patterns of behavior like this.

Being an actor, like in any other profession, implies being PROFESSIONAL.

This is:

  • – Being organised and plan ahead.
  • – Being responsible.
  • – Know your script lines when you arrive on set.
  • – Being on time (punctual).
  • – Be nice to others (in case is not obvious got to mention it).
  • – Communicate effectively.

Relationships you will have during the shoot:

ACTOR-AGENT RELATIONSHIP You and your agent are a team. Both will cooperate together to do each of you your job in the best possible way.

ACTOR – PRODUCERS RELATIONSHIP: They need quick and complete answers to be able to move forward with the shooting plan, logistics, preparation, etc.

ACTOR – DIRECTOR RELATIONSHIP: One of the most important relationships during your preparation and the shooting. Communication has to flow between each other. So it is important to be flexible, open, and playful (creative).

ACTOR – CREW RELATIONSHIP: Your colleagues on set! You have to trust them and they will trust you. It is important to connect with them and have a great time. You are all part of the same boat. Respect, kindness, trustworthiness and communication are key.

ACTOR – CAST RELATIONSHIP: What can I say? You can find amazing friends here. The actor friends that understand you, whom you can share experiences with, have fun, work together. It is important for me to build a relationship of trust with the cast and have great vibes during the time shared. In same occasions, actors will be busy with their own responsibilities (agents, auditions, preparations, family, etc) so it is a good idea to approach each person individually and respect their spaces, process and time.

I hope you find this post interesting, useful and that you enjoyed it 🙂

Written by Ivana Consolani. Actress. 31st March 2022.